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R.I.P. Boo Kitty

(Wrote this March 18, 2010 on my old Facebook profile. Copy and pasted it here because I’m deleting the old profile).

Our big, beautiful, raccoon tailed tom cat passed away today. We will miss our “Mouth”, our giant “Cottonball”.

We got him about 5 years ago from a shelter for my son. Boo Kitty was Jander’s “dog”. Boo didn’t care if he picked him up wrong and lugged him around the house. Jander used to drag Boo around the house in a laundry basket that had a dog pully roped tied to it…Boo loved it.

Boo Kitty was the best when it came to comforting you. He always knew when you were sick or needed a snuggle. All he asked for in return was a brushing, first dibs on scraps, and to play outside.

Boo enjoyed the outside so much. One of his favorite places was his log. He was a true cat…the local wiseguy, inforcer, and shylock. I remember a night when I saw him actually stalking a raccoon out of his neighborhood.

He wasn’t big on other cats or animals, but he did his best to tolerate them. In fact during his last weeks he became more affectionate towards Charlie and Marble. Although Marble let it be known to him she was the alpha now. The loved each other and played together.

We will miss him so much. All the memories we have…him taking walks with us…rolling on the ground to greet us when we came home…sleeping along side you…laying on top of the turtle tank, while looking at the turtle like it was dinner…most of all, the constant meowing and bitching for stuff and to be let out. We will miss the “Mouth” and love him forever.


For those who have asked and are wondering why he need to put to sleep….

This morning we noticed he was just lying in one spot, hiding on the desk, on his side. He wouldn’t eat or drink. When he moved his midsection he would yowl in pain. (In fact we heard this noise the night before, but thought the other cats were just annoying him.)

My father and I took him down to the vet’s in Oregon. There was no vet on duty for the afternoon, but one came in for us. After a quick examination, she told us his pain came from his bladder. It was the size of a grapefruit. It had to do with how his body metabolized food….chrystals had built up in his bladder and blocked the urthera…making him unable to urinate.

She told us they could run a catherter, drain the bladder…leave it in for 48 hours…if that worked, do something to clean the chrystals out. BUT…he would have to be on a prescription food and probably meds for the rest of his life. Plus, the pain he had today could come back…again and again.

We decided it best to put him to sleep. A) we financially couldn’t afford to do what was needed and B)…most importantly…he would have suffered living a life like that…a special food, meds (which would have to be forced down), unable to go outside, etc….plus, with 2 other cats, we wouldn’t be able to keep him out of their food AND he’s a scavenger.

As much as we will miss him…it was for his best interest. We did bring him home and buried him with the rest of our animal family…

Ho-tai, Mandy, Dusty, Garage Kitty….

Forever you will be in our hearts and forever touching our souls.


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